Rezidence ESPRIT

Quiet, comfortable and luxurious. That is Rezidence Esprit. The five-storey building lies between Lihovarská and Drahobejlova streets and is located in a quiet and popular part of Libeň.

You can hear the chirping of birds from your open window, while the Harfa shopping centre is only an 8-minute walk away. The Ocelářská tram stop, where you can also catch a bus, is only a stone’s throw away. Do you prefer underground transportation? In that case you will be regularly heading to the Českomoravská metro station (B line), which you can reach on foot from Rezidence Esprit in 8 minutes. And the connection to the motorway won’t disappoint you either. The D11 motorway (Hradec Králové, Pardubice) and D8 motorway (Germany) will be your regular connection to the expressways. Of course you don’t have to go anywhere if you don’t need to. Everything you need and more is right in the vicinity of the residence. A mere 514 metres separates the legendary O2 Arena from Rezidence Esprit. So you don’t have to worry about finding a taxi after seeing a concert in O2. In terms of entertainment, it isn’t far to both of Prague’s exhibition grounds, i.e. to the Holešovice exhibition grounds and to PVA Letňany, which you can reach in 15 minutes by car. In the vicinity around the residence there are many pharmacies, playgrounds, cinemas and restaurants. Thus Friday evenings will not only be delicious, but also free of complications.

Everybody needs to relax, but not everybody has the luxury of doing so in a water and sauna world just a fifteen-minute walk from home. Proponents of an active lifestyle will definitely enjoy the nearby Vysočany Rope Climbing Centre, Prosek Bobsled Run and Adventure Golf Praha. In any case there is also a hospital and health centrehere as well.

But what does Rezidence Esprit itself offer? In addition to 14 modern one- to three-room flats, four-room flats, ateliers, non-residential space on the ground floor, the residence will also impress you with its multifunctionality. After the expansive, but sensitive reconstruction, the residence also offers storage spaces in the form of cellar stalls. Thus bikes, scooters and other items that don’t belong in the front hall will have their permanent spot. Waking up to a sunny day at home and having everything you wish close at hand, including the joie de vivre your home will give you. This awaits all the tenants of the dreamy Rezidence Esprit..

TOP 5 Rezdidence Esprit

  • Extensive reconstruction of the building in a high standard
  • Metro B/Českomoravská

    8 min
  • Covered parking close to the building
  • Shopping centre

    8 min
  • Park — 8 min;
    Sports complex — 10 min



Price list

Esprit I Esprit II
Number Type Floor Layout Orientation Floor
space m²
Cellar stalls m2
area m²
VAT Final price Akční cena
II – 1 Retail space 1.PP Fitness 51.1 - - - 51.1 nepodléhá DPH Sold
II – 11 Retail space 1Storey Commercial space 95.7 - - - 128.3 nepodléhá DPH Sold
I – 11 Retail space 1Storey Commercial space 62.2 - - - 62.2 nepodléhá DPH Sold
I – 21 Flat 2Storey 1+kk 26.1 - 1.1 - 27.2 15 % Sold
I – 22 Flat 2Storey 1+kk 25.8 - - - 25.8 15 % Sold
II – 22 Flat 2Storey 1+kk 25.1 - 1.6 - 26.7 15 % Sold
I – 23 Flat 2Storey 2+kk 45.5 - 2.1 - 47.6 15 % Sold
I – 25 Flat 2Storey 2+kk 58.7 15.6 2.8 - 77.1 15 % Sold
I – 31 Flat 3Storey 1+kk 26.2 - 1.9 - 28.1 15 % Sold
II – 31 Flat 3Storey 2+kk 44.2 - 1.6 6.6 52.4 15 % Sold
I – 32 Flat 3Storey 1+kk 25.4 - - - 25.4 15 % Sold
II – 32 Flat 3Storey 1+kk 24.7 - 1.2 - 25.9 15 % Sold
I – 33 Flat 3Storey 2+kk 46.1 - 2.2 - 48.3 15 % Sold
II – 33 Flat 3Storey 3+kk 56.9 - 2.2 3.2 62.3 15 % Sold
I – 34 Atelier 3Storey 2+kk 39.6 - 1.9 - 41.5 21 % Sold
I – 35 Flat 3Storey 2+kk 58.2 - 2.4 3 63.6 15 % Sold
I – 41 Flat 4Storey 1+kk 26.1 - - - 26.1 15 % Sold
II – 41 Flat 4Storey 2+kk 45.4 - 1.7 6.6 53.7 15 % Sold
I – 42 Flat 4Storey 1+kk 26 - - - 26 15 % Sold
II – 42 Flat 4Storey 1+kk 24.6 - 1 - 25.6 15 % Sold
I – 43 Flat 4Storey 2+kk 47.1 - 2.2 - 49.3 15 % Sold
I – 45 Flat 4Storey 2+kk 58.6 - 2.7 3 64.3 15 % Sold
I – 51 Flat 5Storey 1+kk 26.1 - - - 26.1 15 % Sold
II – 51 Flat 5Storey 2+kk 45.6 - 1.9 6.6 54.1 15 % Sold
I – 52 Flat 5Storey 1+kk 26.3 - - - 26.3 15 % Sold
II – 52 Flat 5Storey 1+kk 24.8 - 1.4 - 26.2 15 % Sold
I – 53 Flat 5Storey 2+kk 45.8 2.6 2.1 - 50.5 15 % Sold
II – 53 Flat 5Storey 3+kk 57.9 - 2.5 3.2 63.6 15 % Sold
I – 55 Flat 5Storey 2+kk 58.7 - 2.5 2.8 64 15 % Sold
I – 61 Flat 6Storey 2+kk 42.4 - 2 - 44.4 15 % Sold
II – 61 Flat 6Storey 3+kk 72.9 34.5 3.2 7 117.6 15 % Sold

Technical description of the building - Rezidence Esprit phase I

Technical description of the building - Rezidence Esprit phase II

The floor area of the flat in the sense of Government Decree No. 366/2013 Coll. Thus it is the surface area of all the rooms in the flat incl. the surface area of all the vertical bearing and non-bearing structures inside the flat.

The Energy Performance Certificate is available in the office.


Procedure when purchasing a flat

Verbal Reservation

If the client decides to purchase a flat, we will reserve the flat chosen by the client for 48 hours.

Reservation Agreement

A Reservation Agreement will be concluded between the purchasing party and the selling party within 48 hours from the Verbal Reservation and the purchasing party will pay a reservation deposit in the amount of CZK 200 000 within two working days. Within one month from the date the Reservation Agreement the purchasing party pays an additional fee up to 20% of the purchase price as a second deposit. The total amount of the deposits amounts to 20% of the price of the property and the purchasing party pays no more until the purchase contract is signed. The Reservation Agreement will be valid - thus the contractual parties will be obliged to conclude a preliminary purchase contract by 31 May 2018, at the latest, or earlier if called upon to do so by the selling party.

Preliminary Purchase Contract

The Preliminary Purchase Contract will be valid until - thus the contractual partners will be obliged to conclude a purchase contract by 31 August 2018, at the latest, or earlier if called upon to do so by the selling party, though no sooner than by 1 May 2018. The Preliminary Purchase Agreement is of particular importance if the purchasing party decides to finance the property with a loan. We will be happy to help you arrange a mortgage loan.

Purchase Contract

The purchasing party and selling party will conclude a Purchase Contract before the Preliminary Purchase Contract expires. After signing the Purchase Contract the purchasing party is obliged to pay the remainder of the purchase price to the selling party.

Handover of unit

The handover of the unit takes place after the remainder of the purchase price is paid to the selling party. According to the length of the contracts, the handover can be expected no later than by the end of autumn or beginning of the winter 2018, depending on how quickly the purchase price is completely paid.

Information for foreign clients:

The restriction on the purchase of flats for clients from countries that are not EU member states is no longer in force. Foreign clients can now also buy a flat as a private individual.


PSN's and Hypoteční banka's successful long-running cooperation in financing the sale of flats to clients makes it possible to provide you with an unrivalled offer for financing the purchase of a flat in Rezidence Esprit.

A guaranteed alternative offer for the sale of flats in Rezidence Esprit is provided by PSN and Hypoteční banky a.s.:

The basic option offers you

— FREE preparation of mortgage loan
— FREE preparation of property estimate
— LOWER interest rate by 0.25%

Other options offer you a combination of discounts from fees and interest rate discounts

— The possibility of extraordinary payments of up to 70% of the loan collateral value without a penalty.
— All you need in order to set up the mortgage loan is to document your income.

PSN provides the following services FREE OF CHARGE

— All the documents required for setting up the loan (with the exception of the confirmation of the income from employment)
— The registration of the title and the right of lien at the relevant Land Registry Office
— Legal and notarial services connected with the preparation of the contract documents

Our loan advisor can provide you with further information:

PSN - Lukáš Záhrubský, +420 606 022 160,


PSN is the exclusive owner of the properties it offers. It has been operating on the Czech real estate market since 1991.
It has a team of experienced real estate agents who will be happy to provide you detailed information on the properties offered, on the procedure when purchasing or on financing.

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